Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Standford Remembers Steve Jobs

This weekend in Palo Alto, CA, the Stanford University campus was home to a private memorial service for Mr. Steve Jobs on October 16th, 2011. The Apple co-founder and visionary was remembered by politicians, celebrities and other Silicon Valley giants of the technological industry including the new Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

The new iPhone 4S was released earlier this month to record orders for the new product. Mr. Jobs made our lives portable on all levels. It's hard to remember even just 10-15 years ago what life was like without iPods, iTunes, iPhones iPads, etc. Or that 20 years ago when we were just getting used to how to use computers, that the iPhone would be the first true handheld computer.

Ultimately, Mr. Jobs designed for simplicity in all his inventions and improvements on existing technology just happened to revolutionize how we live in the process. Why? Life was not about having one of the apple products, it was about living. His brilliant blend of art and technological science has made living more simple.

Mr. Jobs was a college drop out, but he spoke at many commencement speaches and encouraged people to follow their own passion and dreams. I love this speech he gave at the Standford campus in 2005. Please enjoy this quick video from Youtube:


To learn more about Mr. Jobs and the influence of his inventions, check out this great Discovery Channel's tribute, iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World.



  1. I was just having a conversation with someone last night about how we feel jipped by technology because we don't have the flying cars we were promised by BACK TO THE FUTURE II. It then occurred to me that if I was told at 10 years old that I could hold every song that ever existed in my hand, on the same device that allowed me to make a phone call, watch a movie, and access the internet at blazing speeds, it would have seemed just as incredible. So, thank you Steve Jobs for delivering on something equally, if not more impressive than a flying Delorean.

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